Code of conduct

Members must:

Maintain valid contact details email address and phone number) at all times;

  • Use their best endeavours at all times to ensure that they conduct their business affairs in a professional manner and avoid behaviour that could bring Fix IT Partners or its members into disrepute
  • Conduct their business affairs on sound, ethical principles and make every endeavour to trade fairly and honestly with employees, clients, suppliers and other third parties
  • Strive to achieve their professional goals through continued education, training and striving for excellence through professional improvement;
  • Understand that membership of Fix IT Partners is a privilege and not abiding by this Code of Conduct, Terms, and any other rules or terms that we post on our Website or notify you of is cause for termination or suspension of membership, this is at our sole discretion.
  • Ensure that your website is family safe and that the content adheres to this Code of Conduct. No exceptions will be made to this rule under any circumstances.
  • Not under any circumstances purport to represent, speak on behalf of or otherwise act as a representative of the Fix IT or seek in any way to bind Fix IT.

Use our logos only in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Logos may not be used for any purpose(s) other than to signify membership of the Fix IT Partners;
  • Logos may not be used in any way to suggest endorsement of your web site
  • various sizes and file formats of our Marks are available, both optimised and in hi-resolution, these are the only files that may be used
  • Logos may not, in any way, be re-sized, modified, edited, cropped, reversed, enhanced, filtered or otherwise changed without the prior written consent of the Fix IT Partners.

This Code of Conduct is under constant review and will be periodically changed to meet the needs of our members and the industry as a whole. It is important that you refer to this page regularly as we reserve the right to make changes to it as and when we see fit, and you will not necessarily be notified of the changes but you will nonetheless be bound by them.

Members must be aware that membership remains at the discretion of the Fix IT Partners